Volume #4

Last updated March 14, 2002

This Tree will consist of 2 VCD shows that will play in most "newer" DVD players (CDr compatible)
and most of the old ones too. Nice video productions of some great live
performances of Rush from the last 2 tours.

The Shows

"A View From The Palace" - 3/22/94

"YYZed" - 6/30/97

Signup Information


Please send an email to stoogestree@hotmail.com with the following info-

Subject line - VCD Tree #4 - Leaf *or* Branch
Body of email - name, state/country, <email>

*Branches*, please indicate # of leaves desired or maximum you'll take on, if necessary.

Duplication Notes: In order to preserve the menu/chaptering functionality, these VCDs must be copied
by treating the discs as data discs and copying them in their entirety using the "Disc Image" feature
of your favorite burning application. It's that simple. You CANNOT extract tracks
and burn DAO. The resulting discs will not play in your DVD player if you do.


This tree is setup as "straight trades" or B&P.

Tree Structure